Program No Package
Hourly Rate
10 Hours
24 Hours
36 Hours
French Standard $35/ Hour $339 $759 $1089
German Classes $48/ Hour $400 $800 $1099
French Express $39/ Hour $379 $849 $1199
French DEMTAN $41/ Hour $389 $889 $1259
Government Exam Prep BBB $42/ Hour $399 $909 $1289
Government Exam Prep BBC $42/ Hour $399 $909 $1289
Government Exam Prep CCC $42/ Hour $399 $909 $1289
International Students $50/ Hour $475 $1089 $1539
English Classes $32/ Hour $299 $699 $989
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Nabou, I have told my parents that you were the best teacher. I have learned a lot with you.

Your French classes have helped us a lot in transitioning to our new life in Geneva.

Nabou, I really like your method of teaching. Your explanations are always simple and easy to remember. I had always problems with articles in French. I don’t know when to use le ou la. But, now I understand the difference between both articles. Thanks!

You have really great teaching methods!

We have told our director that we would like to have Nabou again as our German teacher for the next tandem courses. Her classes were fantastic!