Intensive courses for foreign students in Ottawa

  • Learn English in Ottawa:
    • Do you want to learn English for your job or to acquire the proficiency level required to undertake studies in a francophone educational institution? The best way to learn a language is to live in the country where the language is spoken. English is a language spoken in the National Capital Region. Ottawa is also characterized by its proximity to the province of Quebec and more specifically the Outaouais region. By learning English in Ottawa, you will enjoy the beauty and charm of our beautiful capital while living in an environment where the English language is widely used. The advantage is that Ottawa is one of the few bilingual Canadian cities. We offer a 4-week intensive English course for beginners and advanced levels. English is a very important and indispensable language nowadays. Contact Nabouschool today to learn more about our course offerings.


  • Course schedule - 2014
    • From October 1 to November 15
  • Course schedule - 2015
    • From January 1 to February 15
    • From March 1 to April 15
    • From May 1 to June 15
    • From July 1 to August 15
    • From September 1 to October 15
    • From October 30 to November 15


Foreign Students


Nabou, I have told my parents that you were the best teacher. I have learned a lot with you.

Your French classes have helped us a lot in transitioning to our new life in Geneva.

Nabou, I really like your method of teaching. Your explanations are always simple and easy to remember. I had always problems with articles in French. I don’t know when to use le ou la. But, now I understand the difference between both articles. Thanks!

You have really great teaching methods!

We have told our director that we would like to have Nabou again as our German teacher for the next tandem courses. Her classes were fantastic!