French for Families

We are able to hold classes in the comfort of your own home or office in order to provide you with language training. We also offer lessons in our classrooms in downtown Ottawa.

Our classroom courses are designed for people who want to learn French in a short amount time. In a city where jobs so often require you to be bilingual in both French and English, this will help you to expand your marketability as a potential employee!


  • French in family:
    • Want to study French as a couple? Or perhaps together with mom and dad and the whole family?
    • This course is for families who want to learn French together! Spend your precious hours away from social media, and instead learn a useful language in Canada. Learning this way is often very fun and helps students get closer to their family. Learning with a partner is always encouraging, so it will also help you learn French EVEN FASTER!



Nabou, I have told my parents that you were the best teacher. I have learned a lot with you.

Your French classes have helped us a lot in transitioning to our new life in Geneva.

Nabou, I really like your method of teaching. Your explanations are always simple and easy to remember. I had always problems with articles in French. I don’t know when to use le ou la. But, now I understand the difference between both articles. Thanks!

You have really great teaching methods!

We have told our director that we would like to have Nabou again as our German teacher for the next tandem courses. Her classes were fantastic!